Gnuology is known to build on Linux, MacOSX, and Windows.
You can help us test it on other plaforms.

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Announcing the immediate release of the Alpha version! (That means all the critical features are implemented and the product is actually useable now.) Gnuology is no longer vaporware. Now we begin driving towards Beta by polishing it up and adding all the "would-be-nice" features that we can find the man-power to implement. If you'd like to help us develop this product, now would be a great time to join. Please send email to . If you've got skills in C++, Javascript, CSS, Genealogy, or artwork, there's probably a task with your name on it.


Gnuology is like a wiki for genealogy. You can import from a Gedcom file, and it will enable your entire extended family to view and edit the data through their favorite web browser.

You don't have to be at your home computer to work on your genealogy. You can work from any computer with a web browser.

Collaboration is now easy because any changes are updated instantly for everyone to see. You'll always have the latest research and you won't have to merge changes with someone else's database. You can set it up to allow anonymous visitors, or you can require people to have an account. It also does version control, so you can see exactly what changes someone made on a certain date.

It supports features that you can't get on static web pages, like interactive search, and reports that are generated according to parameters that you specify.

It automatically exchanges links with other Gnuology servers to create a big peer-to-peer web of genealogy records that you can surf (or crawl) in search of your ancestors.

It's completely free in every way. You don't have to join anything. We don't want the names or addresses of your relatives or friends. There's no subscription, because you can run it on your own darn computer. And it's open source, so if you don't like something about it, you're free to change it.


Why does the pedigree view look like a mess of plumbing? Have you considered renaming the product "Family Sewage"?
Ha ha. I'm a programmer, not an artist. If you'd like to help give our product a more professional look, we'd welcome your help.

How does Gnuology work?
Gnuology is a specialized web server that dynamically generates pages from your data. You must run it on a computer that's always on, and always connected to the Internet.

Is it super easy to set up?
Not really. There's about ten steps. But it's documented pretty well, so if you're not afraid to read the instructions, you can probably handle it.

Will the company that hosts my web pages allow me to run Gnuology on their servers?
I don't know. Ask them. But don't pay for lousy service. It's not hard turn your home computer into a server. Instructions for doing this are included in the documentation with Gnuology.

Is Gnuology a full revision control system?
It tracks all the changes that have ever been made. You can see the diff between any two revisions. I'm still working on a feature to make it easy to back out changes that you don't like. But you can do that manually right now.

Will you run GNUology on your computer for me so I don't have to leave mine running all the time?

Can I charge people to run Gnuology on my server?
You can do whatever you want with your server and free software. Send me your URL and I'll put a link here.

I represent a genealogy company and I'd like to pay you to put our ads on GNUology.
You don't need my permission. It's open source. You can put ads on it, integrate it with your services, sell it, give it away, etc. That's how free software works. You really need to read the GPL.